How long does Fake Bake self-tan stays on the skin?

Tan colour stays on the skin depending on the skin type but approximately, about a week. Self-tan treatment can be done twice a week to keep a more intensive tan.


Can other cosmetics be used before or after self-tan treatment?

Please, don’t use other cosmetics  before or after a self-tan treatment. After the product colour is removed in the shower, hydrating the skin is recommended. Also you are able to have daily skin care.


Is it possible to cover Fake Bake self-tan products evenly?

Thanks to the products bronze colour it is easy to apply it without stains.


Is it possible to use the same Fake Bake product on all photo skin types?

Absolutely! Fake Bake tan colour depends on the natural skin melanin level.


How to prepare the skin before treatment?

We recommend to have a pealing before treatment with an oil free scrub.


How often can I use Fake Bake products?

Fake Bake products can be used 2-3 times per week.


Are Fake Bake products suitable for men?

Sure! No problem!


Can Fake Bake products be used my pregnant or feeding mothers?

Yes. No products contain parabens, any synthetic or aggressive fragrances etc.